Home Depot Now Hiring Felon’s…..

Since the beginning of the endeavor, Home Depot has had a policy not to hire people that have a felony on their record. They utilize a records search company that goes back seven years to verify applicants do not have a felony on their record. This is usually the policy of retail companies. While a great policy, policies are made to apply to everyone; otherwise it is considered discrimination and is against federal laws. What’s unique about Home Depot is that they have contracted with a known felon to supply merchandise to their stores, Martha Stewart. Other contracted people that are with the Home Depot are keep to the same standards as their employee’s, so why would they contract with Martha?

If I was a smart person, I would likely support a class action lawsuit asking for a review of their records for the past seven years to analyze how many people they have not hired because of this obvious discriminatory act the Home Depot has engaged in. This issue should be brought before the United States Attorney General for further review.

Furthermore, Home Depot has fought since their existance, to keep union’s out of their stores. They have went as far to say that they would close stores to keep a union out. They would actually put people out of work to keep control of their employee’s. It is this writers opinion that the best thing the employee’s of Home Depot could do is organize and protect their interest in their futures.

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